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What is Audition Teeth Whitening™?

Hydrogen peroxide is used for teeth whitening. Dental clinic usually use 25~35% concentration of hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening and you can do it at home using less than 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The effect can be even better if self-whitening and dental treatment is done together, and the teeth color becomes even and natural since we use proper concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Caution after teeth whitening

1. Frequent smoking is harmful to teeth whitening.
2. Please avoid curry, coffee, coke or chocolate.
3. Effect generally lasts for 3~5 years.
4. We check your teeth and provide treatment every 6month to 1year so the effect can last longer.

Steps of doing self-whitening

1. Brush your teeth 30minutes before teeth whitening.
2. Wipe your teeth with gauze or tissue.
3. Put solution inside tray one drop for each section.
4. Wear tray on your teeth.
5. Do it for 4~5 hours in the morning and 6~8hours in the night.
6. Brush your teeth smoothly without using toothpaste after removing tray.
7. Please clean your tray with cold water and keep it in the case.

Caution during self-whitening

1. If your teeth is ache too much please stop using medicine and visit our clinic.
2. Please do not use toothpaste when you brush your teeth before and after teeth whitening.
3. Medicine includes hydrogen peroxide so be careful not to let medicine contact your skin or eyes.
4. Please do not swallow medicine.
5. Keep medicine in the refrigerator.

Cinderella clinic’s FAST orthodontics

Cinderella dental clinic’s FAST orthodontics is different from standard orthodontics. It make gum bone softer and then it moves teeth, so teeth can be quickly straightened.

Cinderella clinic’s FAST orthodontics


Cases requiring FAST orthodontics

1. If you don’t like long treatment period
2. If you want to get fast results before getting a job or marriage

Cinderella Dental Clinic’s orthodontics is different!

1. If you don’t like long treatment period
2. If you want to get fast results before getting a job or marriage

Cooperation of different departments

Unnoticeable ceramic braces

Cutting-edge, detailed diagnosis system