Skin Whitening Clinic

Skin Whitening Clinic

You may think that freckle is pigmentation but there are many kinds of and treatment is also different.


  • Black-colored pigmentation
  • Placed on cheekbone or temple


  • Main cause of freckle is over expose to ultraviolet ray
  • Melanine cell reaction on specific part

Liver spot

  • Spot for aged people after 50ths
  • Different size of black, gray spot on face, neck and back of one’s hand

Main cause of pigmentation

Pigmentation is caused by melanin pigment and there are more distinguished pigmentation as pigment gathers at specific part

Advantages of Cinderella’s whitening clinic

Cinderella plastic surgery’s dermatology finds out exact cause and then apply different treatment so we are increasing effectiveness of treatment.

Acne clinic

Acne clinic

What is acne ?

Acne can be induced due to excess sebum secreted from the pore which is not properly removed, and it is infected by bacteria.
It is caused by hormone as well as pollution of surroundings.
There are various causes of adult acne. For example, Imbalance of sex hormone, abrupt change of biorhythm, irregular diet, frequent intake of junk food, mensuration and stress.

Cinderella’s main focus of acne treatment
Cinderella plastic surgery finds main cause of acne for each patient and removes fundamental cause so it help reduce acne even after treatment.

  • Restraint of recurrence of acne
  • Healthy skin
  • Pore contraction
  • Improvement of skin tone
Hot flush

Hot flush

What is hot flush?

If the red skin doesn’t get calm and lasts long, you can think about red flush. Hot flush is caused as capillary expands so much blood gathers inside the capillary.
When this repeatedly occurs this symptom can cause telangiectasia(Expansion of capillary).
Also red flush can be frequently happened to people with thin, white skin.

Main cause of hot flush

Stress, hormone imbalance, pregnancy Long-time exposure to ultraviolet rays, drastic change of emotion, weather, allergic dermatitis, sequela of atopic disease

Treatment of hot flush

We can improve expanded capillary using laser, and you can receive regular treatment by our aesthetic program.

Caution after treatment

Please avoid sauna, gym, alcohol or chocolate, and don’t be exposed to cold weather or sun for a long time.
Control stress and be comfortable.

Scar revision clinic

Scar revision clinic

Cinderella clinic’s dermatology removes old scar so it makes more sophisticated and smooth appearance, and it can also heal your heart.

Types of scar

  • projected scar
  • hollow scar
  • widely spreaded scar
  • Keloid

Original scar revision surgery removes scar and then delicately sutures it again. It is proper method for scar which is not big and narrow. It looks red for the first time but it will become invisible as time passes.

Method of scar revision

  • Original scar revision
  • Z surgery
  • W surgery
  • Skin transplant
  • Tissue expander surgery
  • Peeling surgery

Management after the surgery
Special tape is attached for 1~2 months. Sun cream must be applied frequently on the surgical part so it prevents skin from pigmentation on the scar.
Wear hat, umbrella and shirt with long sleeves to keep skin from sunlight.



What is axillae?
When there is unique smell from armpit, we call it axillae.
Asians are less likely to get this compared to westerners. Axillae can be improved through treatment, and it is effective to wash armpit frequently and to apply antibiotics 2~3 times a day. But in most cases removal of apocrine sweet gland is more used for treatment than medication.

Self-management of axillae

  • Keep your body clean after taking a bath frequently.
  • Keep armpit dry
  • Change underwear frequently
  • Cut your hair short
  • Use deodorant regularly
Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal

What is hair removal?
Treatment removing hair temporarily on armpit, arm or leg using tapes or depilatory. If we remove the hair temporarily can make hair thicker and darker, and it can harm your skin.
Normally you get treatment 3 times but you can need more treatment according to body parts.
It is good to receive the treatment when the hair has grown 5mm and it is recommended to get treatment every 4~8 weeks.

Method of hair removal

  • Electronic hair removal
  • Laser hair removal

Body parts that hair removal is able to be applied
Face, forehead, mustach, arm, armpit, breast, abdomen, vikini line, thigh

Aesthetic center

Cinderella’s aesthetic center

Cinderella’s aesthetic center provides patients with swelling care after surgery with cooperation with plastic surgery. We are having moisture care program, pore care program and v-line care program.
Cinderella plastic surgery center created stem-cell mask pack and skin whitening heat mask, wrinkle improvement and collagen.

Cinderella plastic surgery center’s aesthetic program

  • Cinderella offers diagnosis and management and offer you customized care service.
  • Cinderella’s aesthetic programs are offered after reservation
  • You should make an appointment before treatment

Office hours

  • Weekdays10:00~19:00
  • Saturday 10:00~16:00
  • Closed on Sunday and public holidays